Case Study - Reformation

How Reformation uses ESG compliance technology to gain clarity on environmental claims

Faced with growing market pressures and time-consuming processes, Reformation wanted a fresh and scalable approach to support their environmental claims process. Here’s how Marya McKee, Reformation’s Product Sustainability Manager, gained clarity on the team’s anti-greenwashing compliance journey.


Location: USA

Company Size: 500+

Products Used:
GAP Report

Held back by time-consuming, inefficient processes

“Initially, we were using an internal tool developed by our sustainability team, to track our fibres, social compliance data and other sustainability information.  We built the tool as a tracking system that would pull in our production data and give us the ability to flag orders that needed documentation to support our claims and be a space to house those documents while tying them directly to our purchase order data.”
“At Reformation, we pride ourselves on our transparency, and transparency comes with a lot of documentation. While we have many ambitious targets and are doing the work to reach them, we are often slowed by the constraints of our tech systems. The system we created required a lot of redundant data entry and back-and-forth communication between our team and suppliers that can stress relationships and distract from work that drives real impact.”
“We quickly realised the system we created wouldn’t scale with our growth.  We knew we needed to explore more creative solutions.”

From feeling stuck to finding the way forward

“For us, the subject matter expertise of the Compare Ethics team was key as we wanted to implement a solution with regulatory backing. The team’s focus on staying current with evolving impact regulations was exactly what we needed, alongside the time-saving AI tools that make our job so much easier.”

In four weeks, Marya and her team were able to analyse 50+ product claims with 450+ data points from 35+ manufacturers using impact compliance technology. 

The end result was their own Gap Report™ – an actionable path enabling Reformation to identify any compliance gaps with evolving regulations and gain more confidence when making environmental claims.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Better understanding to make claims with confidence

“We’re more knowledgeable now. More empowered. And we have a clear path ahead of us. Knowledge is power and bringing Compare Ethics on board to educate our team and provide new approaches has helped our confidence enormously.”

Supporting cross-functional buy in

“The Gap Report™ helped us identify the blockades in our old system and we plan to use our learnings from our work with Compare Ethics to support our conversations across the company, while we integrate our claims process into more of our internal systems.”

Clarity on the journey towards impact compliance

“Now, we’re in the right place to pursue creative solutions and can approach environmental claims with more regulatory background. The fashion industry is navigating a tricky new landscape, but after our work with Compare Ethics, we can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.”